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Our easy to use inventory management system increases your business's work flow by managing all your assets and processes in Seed To Sale cycle.

m3hub tracks and reports all activity from the origin of the seed, to germination, cloning , pesticide, fungicide, soil management, nutrients, watering, climate control, plant rotation, bud tending, harvesting, drying, testing, processing, packaging, shipping, receiving, and sale to the end user/patient.

Development, manufacturing and distribution of edible delivery systems for therapeutic applications of cannabidiol extracts in the form of CBD infused "cannsumer goods" for the legal medical marijuana market.

Autospense™ automated dispensing technology controls transactions, manages inventory and improves profitablity, accountability, security and customer satisfaction.

m3hub is a division of Endexx, a micro cap publicly traded company, representing the interest of its shareholders and collaborating with independent software developers, scientists, engineers, and other companies to build businesses that can thrive collectively in the equity markets.

Endexx's team recognizes that individually small companies with new technologies have an extremely difficult time sustaining themselves as stand-alone companies. Through our collaborative practices, individual and group skill sets are better utilized to develop technology and grow the business, while centralizing costs and eliminating redundancies.