Mission Statement

m3hub's mission is to connect as many touch points as possible in the "Seed to Sale" processes that control the Cannabis Industry, bring pharmaceutical grade compliance and standardized technology solutions through integrated services and products and facilitate all supply chain transactions with concentric care to the patient in the clinical environment of pain management and long term chronic care, while creating added value for growers, processors, retailers, medical patients and users.

m3hub is a division of Endexx Corporation (EDXC), a micro-cap publicly traded company, representing the interest of its shareholders and collaborating with independent software developers, scientists, engineers, and other companies to build businesses that can thrive collectively in the equity markets.


Todd A. Davis CEO, endexx Corporation
Todd A. Davis - CEO, endexx Corporation

Entrepreneur by nature. Stock professional by trade. Specialize in forecasting.

  • Bachelor of Science, Administrative Communications (Business/Communcations) Northern Arizona University, Graduated May 1989.
  • Master's Studies: Arizona State University (International Finance/Management
  • Chief Executive Officer and Chief of the Board Endexx Corporation Stockbroker, Investment Banker, Analyst 1990 - 2000.
Alain Soutenet General Manager
Alain Soutenet - General Manager

Experienced entrepreneur with strong management skills in multiple fields.

  • Law at Nantes University, France, 1975
  • Gonvernment Contractor, Embassy, South Africa, 1995-1997
  • Business Development Director for software companies, 1998-2002
  • Real Estate Developer, 2003-2007
Joseph DeRobbio President, DispenseLabs
Joseph DeRobbio - President, DispenseLabs

33 years of experience as entrepreneur and investor, successfuly growing and managing thriving companies. Broad knowledge and experience in Medical Marijuana Industry, real estate, construction, manufacturing, and business services.

  • BA-Finance, Golden West & Orange Coast College, California
  • President Dispense Labs, 2009-present
  • Co-founder, Millennium Capital Parners, 2004-present
  • Founder, Schools Operating Safely, 2000-2005