Cannsumables is a new division of m3hub that focuses on the development, manufacturing and distribution of edible delivery systems for therapeutic applications of cannabidiol extracts in the form of CBD infused "cannsumer goods" for the legal medical cannabis and herbal supplement markets. The product line is currently in development stage and will further complement m3hub's existing line of technologies and services in its mission to:

  • Facilitate all transactions with concentric care to the patient in the clinical environment of pain management and long term chronic care.
  • Bring pharmacy grade compliance and standardized technology solutions to the Medical Marijuana Industry

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive natural compound that has been shown in scientific and clinical studies to possess beneficial properties in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including among others arthritis, diabetes, MS, PTSD, skin cancer, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

Delivery systems under development include popsicles, sublingual drops, vaporizer pens and refills, creams, tinctures, mints and energy drinks.

Securing a reliable, high quality supply line of hemp extract is critical to providing pharmaceutical grade delivery systems with consistent and precise dosage to be calibrated for a range of conditions. The extract and finished product is tested at the point of origin and retested in the US for contaminants, trace elements, potency and purity. All products are developed and produced using state of the art facilities and technology that meets or exceeds ISO 9000 standards.

Cannsumables is establishing a new standard in quality, transparency, consistency and accuracy and creating a certification standard and branded seal of quality for the industry. As states provide funding for universities to conduct medical research on therapeutic applications of cannabinoids, CBD already stands out as promising the most benefits, especially in conjunction with other cannabinoid compounds and terpenes.