Autospense™ is a uniquely designed, high-tech automated dispensing system that exceeds industry standards. The software used is specifically designed to properly control transactions and manage inventory. This will significantly improve profitability, accountability, security and customer satisfaction. Autospense™ is specifically designed and manufactured to dispense medical marijuana while also managing the supply chain, providing up to the minute accounting details and protecting the security of the product as well as the patient accessing the system.

Patients simply swipe their ID card and place their thumb on the reader. Once verified, patients select their items then insert cash and receive change and the items in the dispensing cart.

Key Features

  • Unmatched flexibility and security
  • Handles wide variety of sizes and types of items
  • Average dispense time under 10 seconds
  • Holds 780 unique items or SKUs
  • Card reader and thumbprint reader for security
  • Dispenses medications, edibles, concentrates and accessories
  • Accepts cash
  • Powerful screen search capability
  • High inventory density in very small footprint (34"W x 39"D x 76"H)
  • Available for purchase or lease (36 months)

Software Features

  • Dispensary Management Software manages counter, inventory, transfer, ID verification, compliance and reporting
  • Displays items pictures
  • Displays lab testing data for each item
  • Shopping Cart technology for single checkout and payment
  • Secure access control for customers and administrators
  • Access denial settings based on quantity, prescription, time, date since last issue etc.
  • Tracking of item, lot, patient, expiration date with lockout
  • Critical item alert
  • 174 standard reporting functions
  • Reports emailed automatically to PC or tablet

Key Benefits

  • Enables patients to obtain medical marijuana in an orderly, business-like fashion.
  • Provides a safe, legally compliant and professional access to medical marijuana.
  • Allows store owners and staff to properly manage inventory and distribution.
  • Mitigates concerns and problems that have risen from community groups, political figures and law enforcement agencies.
  • Legitimizes and introduces a higher standard of business efficiency to a market that is commonly known for being chaotic, poorly managed and counter culture.
  • Enhances security, accountability, supply chain management and profitability for store owners.